Unearthing your culture

Our Cultural Assessments have been designed to unearth the values at the heart of your organisation, whether they are conscious or not.

Culture is the biggest factor when it comes to transformation that’s why we have developed the tools to understand it.

Our Cultural Assessments can tell you:

— How aligned leadership is to the rest of the organisation
The Brands with Values Cultural Assessment is a powerful tool developed to provide leadership with deep insights into whether they have a true understanding of their culture

— How aligned your culture is
We reveal if there is a clear shared belief system within the organisation

— What is currently dominant within your culture
Our assessments uncover what the dominant thoughts and behaviours are within your culture

— Where to place resources
We highlight the areas within your organisation that require the most attention when it comes to cultural alignment

— What to put resources on
Our assessments clearly pinpoint exactly what measures you need to employ to address any cultural conflicts


In business, change is inevitable, our tools allow you to be in a position to make decisions based on insight

Brands with Value’s Cultural Assessment tools are designed for leadership and management teams to understand how their culture and brand interfaces so that they can make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.

When are we brought in?
— Mergers and acquisitions
— New leadership
— New product or service
— Brain drain
— Market up or downturn
— Large change in staff numbers
— Sustainability


Having an aligned culture allows organisations to move quickly, identify issues early and deliver excellent customer interactions.

Brands with Value specialise in helping organisations align their culture holistically. The importance of an aligned culture cannot be underestimated. 87% of leaders believe that culture is important to achieving business success. However, only one third of leaders think that they truly understand their company culture.

Organisations that are culturally aligned demonstrate:
— Strong leadership
— Low attrition [engaged people]
— Great customer service
— A trusted brand
— An agile workforce

How does it work

Many organisations, no matter how mature, struggle to accurately measure and understand their culture. This lack of insight translates to poor organisational development.

Our cultural Alignment Assessments are designed to be unobtrusive and engaging, ensuring that we utilise the best tools listen to your organisation.

— Cultural Assessment Surveys
Our online assessment has been designed to reach large amounts of people across different departments. The Assessment is deployed first to measure the organisation and decide what level of further engagement is required.

— Cultural Assessment Interviews
The alignment interviews are usually conducted with leadership teams or business leaders. The Interviews are usually thirty minutes in length and designed to understand cultural motivations.

— Cultural Assessment Workshops
We have developed a suite of engagement games and tools that are based around our values model. These activities allow us to engage with staff and other stakeholders so that we can build an accurate picture of your culture.

— Cultural Assessment Report
The Brands with Values Cultural Alignment Report is designed to reveal the gap between the company position, its values, how it communicates and its behaviours.

Cultural Mapping

The Brands with Values Cultural Mapping Assessment gives leaders a clear view of exactly how their culture operates and what the key drivers and motivations are for the organisation

Cultural Alignment

Our Cultural Alignment Assessment is a ground breaking cultural tool, developed to compare two or more parts of an organisation, providing a tangible Alignment score and giving leaders a benchmark

Cultural Health

The Brands with Values Cultural Health Assessment is programmed to decode the inner workings of a culture with a view to driving meaningful steps towards a high performing culture

“I worked with Brands with Values to develop and deliver a values workshop for a large and diverse team. They brought creativity, a fresh perspective, and a positive energy which I really appreciated. The tools and model they used were new to us, which helped to stimulate different thinking, and they managed to get everyone engaged and involved in discussions beyond our usual framework of reference.”

Ruth Shaw, Foreign Commonwealth Office

So, what’s next?

Contact us today to arrange a time to discuss our Cultural Alignment Assessments in detail:
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