Different brands value different things.

Some focus on their history, while others focus on the future, some focus on delivering better results, while others focus on creating a better planet.

Our Valutypes™

We’ve developed a powerful framework that unearths the values at the heart of your organisation and puts them at the heart of your brand.

Based on our values framework, our Valutypes™ classify key varieties of Brands with Values, giving us powerful insights into organisations, why they exist and what they can become.

This is done by identifying the values within stakeholder perceptions and brand communications.


Guardians protect order, traditions and people, valuing consistency, safety and stability.


Champions strive for success, recognition and authority, valuing achievement, ability and power.


Innovators explore new ideas, experiences and approaches, valuing discovery, experimentation and independence.


Citizens consider their place in communities and the world, valuing ethics, relationships and helping others.

So, what’s next?

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