We’re a values agency

That means that we help organisations to understand their values and put them into practice in tangible ways.

We work with large or small groups, executive teams as well as those at the front line. All of our work has a single goal — to create better organisations equipped for the future of business.

Our focus is your values

Values get us out of bed in the morning, values give us conviction, values drive us to change things for the better. Brands that understand the connection between culture, behaviour and communications have a better chance of surviving.

Our core focus is on:

How do we bring about change through values?

Our clients call us in to help solve complex problems concerning the values and purpose of their organisations. This includes how values are manifest and how they are communicated.

All of our projects go through a tried and tested methodology designed to work in partnership with our clients and their stakeholders.

Values Assessments

We have developed three values assessments designed to unearth the values at the heart of your organisation, whether they are conscious or not.

— Verbal values assessments
Designed to reveal the true meaning of how and what you communicate

— Active values assessments
Developed to look at how behaviours reflect values

— Inner values assessments
Used to examine the culture and shared belief systems within an organisation

Values Alignment

Alignment is about developing a complimentary strategy that will ensure your organisation moves forward in a sustainable way, with maximum engagement.

— Verbal values alignment
Ensuring that your brand has the right strategy to communicate effectively with a human voice

— Active values alignment
Aligning relevant behaviours across your organisation

— Inner values alignment
Connecting vision and purpose with core values that have true meaning to your stakeholders

Values Articulation

As values experts we have considerable experience in helping create values propositions and strategies for organisations, products and services.

We ensure that your values are understood across culture, behaviours and communications.

— Verbal articulation
Creating the key messages and positioning for an organisation

— Active articulation
Bringing strategy to life by developing the behaviours that will ensure the success of an organisation

— Inner articulation
Developing the right environment so that a positive culture and shared belief systems can grow

Creating a brand with purpose

Creating a brand with purpose is a journey – a journey that starts with values. Organisations have already started to ask themselves questions that go beyond profit, beyond business as usual. Part of our job is to help you find answers to these questions so that you can become a brand fit for tomorrow.

We help brands connect with their values

We’ve helped start-ups become established and the established to become more meaningful:

“Brands with Values proved a fantastic partner, they helped to portray our charity’s values perfectly.”

Jemma Jones, Barnardo’s

“They were thoughtful, listened to our team and Trustees, challenged us, unravelled who we are and what we do. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone.”

Clare Skelton, CSAN.

“Working with Brands with Values really helped us to clarify the aims, values and impacts of the transformation project, taking a complicated subject and turning it into an accessible human story.”

Ranjeet Kaile, SWLSTG Mental Health NHS Trust

“The solution developed by Brands with Values was really creative and we have received very positive feedback from multiple stakeholders”

Rachel Wadham, Fairtrade Foundation

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