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With over 1.5 million farmers and workers now in certified producer organisations, Fairtrade is a driving force behind global economic, social and environmental progress. However, whilst Fairtrade is a household name, their contribution to sustainability is not always understood.

They approached us to create a short animation exploring their contribution to Sustainability, using storytelling to make this complex subject clear, accessible and engaging to their broad range of stakeholders.


The project begun with a half day workshop, with participants coming from a variety of different departments within the organisation. The workshop explored different audience’s perceptions of both sustainability and Fairtrade and then went about disrupting any misconceptions through storytelling.

Groups created characters that reflect the farmers and workers that Fairtrade work with, exploring the values that they hold and the challenges that they face. We then examined the various ways in which Fairtrade help and established how this support contributes to global sustainability.

The project culminated in the creation of a 3 minute animation, narrated by comedian Rufus Hound. The film connects the impact that Fairtrade have on the life of a Nicaraguan coffee farmer, with the impact that Fairtrade have on global economic, environmental and social sustainability.

“I really enjoyed working on this project with you. I felt very supported and you were very good at keeping us informed throughout the different stages of the process. It was a challenging project to manage at our end, with input required from lots of different stakeholders and specialists, so I was very thankful for the support from your end.
The solution was really creative and we have received very positive feedback from multiple stakeholders – we hit the brief of making it accessible for a number of audiences”
Rachel Wadham, Fairtrade Foundation.


— Workshop
— Concept creation

— Script development

— Storyboarding

— Animation

— Editing

Explaining sustainability with values




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