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The Food Ethics Council help businesses, governments and civil society organisations navigate the ethical challenges surrounding food and farming. However, they felt that their proposition was neither clear nor distinctive and as a result, they failed to communicate their value effectively to potential clients, partners or funders.

They approached us to run an engagement process and develop a brand strategy that would codify what they do, why they do it and why they are different.


The project begun with an engagement project, blending directors interviews, staff workshops and and an online survey. These exercises explored the world that Food Ethics Council are trying to create, the barriers that stand in their way and the unique ways in which they overcome these challenges.

The project culminated in the creation of a brand strategy, outlining a vision, mission, values and positioning the for the organisation.

“We were very impressed with Brands with Values – they got to grips with what we as an organisation are about very quickly (not necessarily the easiest task!). Their work surpassed my expectations and I’d have no hesitation in highly recommending them.”
Dan Crossley, The Food Ethics Council.


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— Director interview
— Workshop
— Online survey
— Brand strategy

Creating brands with values




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