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What we do

What we do

Our values (based) decision engine, Culture Decoder, is proven to revolutionise how leaders attract and retain the best talent in order to create more productive, more profitable and happier workplaces.

Our Approach

Our Approach

The Culture Decoder has been designed to ask powerful values questions so that we can provide you with an authentic map of your culture and your people.

Powerful Insights

Powerful Insights

We highlight the areas within your organisation that require the most attention when it comes to cultural alignment, ensuring your culture reinforces and accelerates your business strategy.


Decode Your Culture

Culture decoder can unearth your desired and observed culture within your whole organisation offering:

  • Concise mapping alongside key business KPIs
  • Insights into areas requiring attention
  • A spotlight on areas that appear to be outperforming the rest
  • A way to unlock your unique “Values Source” so you start to maximise returns

Culture Change

Our long-term partnership ethos allows us to work alongside your internal “Culture Team” using key findings and proposed interventions so you can:

  • Drive the organisation towards your desired culture with evidence-based decision making
  • Use quarterly pulse data to identify what to continue with and/or any corrective action
  • Measure tangible financial benefits directly derived from your improved culture

Business Change

Culture is a key component in all business, however, this is ever more important when it comes to significant business changes:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Rapid growth (local and internationally)
  • Business rationalisation

Culture Decoder supports you throughout these times ensuring that your culture(s) are aligned and are actively supporting your business strategy to overachieve.

Culture Decoder Benefits

Culture Decoder Mirror

See your company culture clearly

Culture Decoder Health

See how certain values may be a hindrance to your culture

Culture Decoder Roadmap

Move from the culture you have to the culture you want

Culture Decoder Team

Create cross-function teams for specific projects

Culture Decoder Distance

Track the cultural distance of the organisation from leadership

Culture Decoder Values

See if your communicated [company] values are being lived

Culture Decoders

Culture Decoder enabled us to truly understand if our values were aligned with our culture, providing deep insights into how we use our unique culture to drive performance, hire better, improve retention, drive innovation and creativity.

Ete Davies | MD Analog Folk

Working with Brands with Values really helped us to clarify the aims, values and impacts of the transformation project, taking a complicated subject and turning it into an accessible human story.

Ranjeet Kaile | NHS

At a glance I was able to see how aligned the leadership team were to the vision I had for the business as a new CEO. Plus direction on how to land my turnaround plan for the agency with confidence.

Michael Olaye | Dare

I worked with Brands with Values to develop and deliver a values workshop for a large and diverse team. They brought creativity, a fresh perspective, and a positive energy which I really appreciated.

Ruth Shaw | FCO

The innovative and creative way in which the results are collated and presented, has helped us clearly establish how much more closely we are aligned than had previously been thought and how much synergy there is around desired values going forward.

Clare Collins | Group Director HR & OD | Capital College Group

Culture Hackers

Martin Roach

Martin is an award winning designer and strategist who has worked primarily around the subject of identity for over 20 years. Prior to Brands with Values, Martin ran an ethical branding agency working with the likes of Fairtrade International, NHS, Goldsmiths and Barnardos.

Martin is currently serving as a director at the Association of Sustainability Practitioners and is a regular guest lecturer and speaker on the subject of brand and ethics.

Adrian Walcott

Adrian is a multi-award-winning Brand Marketeer with over twenty years experience, including Senior Leadership Roles at Eurostar & Barclays and Unilever & Nestle at Ogilvy Advertising. Adrian’s specialism is in building brands from the inside out.

He is also a Co-founder of multi award winning social enterprise BAME2020, a Liveryman at the Haberdashers Company and an emerging author and keynote speaker on brand, People and Culture.

Mike Amato

Mike is currently serving as a Non-Executive Director to the Board of Tandem Bank in the UK; has previously served on the Board of Santander UK; and was hired by Barclays Retail Bank to lead a team of 30,000 employees with a remit to lead its cultural transformation in order to drive the commercial performance of the business.

As the founder and CEO of Cimarron Advisory, Mike works with leaders to transform their organisations through strategic alignment, leadership development and employee engagement.

Danny Brown

Danny is a chartered management accountant with over 20+ years experience in managing start-ups, brand repositioning, M&A through to operational rationalisation and shutdown. Danny runs his own consultancy with clients within the consumer product industry ranging from electronics to luxury fashion for well known brands.

Danny has operated at board level and held a range of senior positions including group managing director in companies such as Sony, Antler, Julie McDonald, Wolsey, BLK DNM to name a few.



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