The business case for inclusive and diverse workforces strengthens year on year. Organisations that are inclusive enjoy higher job satisfaction amongst employees, lower staff turnover and higher productivity.

The NTB initiative is about creating meaningful and systemic change so that organisations can reap the benefits of an inclusive culture and change the landscape of business, for good.

How does it work

There are 2 measurables required for a company to become a NTB ambassador

1. Measure your culture

No turning back ambassador companies take a values audit through the Brands with Values Culture Decoder. The Culture Decoder has been designed to audit workplace cultures, highlighting levels of cultural health and inclusiveness.

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2. Recruit inclusively

No turning back ambassador companies commit to only working with recruiters or search consultants with candidate portfolios above 15% from Black, Asian, minority ethnic communities. The f1 recruitment permanent candidate portfolio is over 20% Black, Asian, minority ethnic and over 35% on the contract side for example.

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No Turning Back companies will be able to use the No Turning Back logo on all their recruitment activity, externally and internally.

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